We’ve got the whole world in our hands!

To get pupils and staff thinking about their environmental footprint, both in and outside the classroom, a range of activities were planned to celebrate World Earth Day.  

‘Powering down’ for two hours and inviting all pupils to actively travel to school were two of our whole school actions. Year groups also planned a variety of lessons to celebrate the beauty of our world and to inspire our pupils to make a difference and ‘invest in our planet’, this year’s theme.

To raise awareness, some experts were invited in to share their knowledge; River Ridge Waste, delivered presentations to our Primary 7, and conducted a waste audit of the general waste and recycling bins with each class. Mr Madden, an ecologist,  spoke to our Primary 6s about native plant and wildlife, with pupils sent out with iPads to identify the different species growing around our school. Our Primary 5 enjoyed an environmental trail with John and Mary, from Belfast City Council . Some of our Primary 4 classes were ‘Habitat Explorers’, with the help of Catherine from the RSPB. Beverley, from Sustrans, provided active travel scanvenger hunts, mini -orienteering , puncture repair and road safety workshops for our Foundation and Key stage one pupils.  

Celebrating World Earth Day serves as a conscious reminder of how fragile our planet is….remember small actions by lots of people equal big change…. so do your part.

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