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The Student Council . . .

The student council is made up of 56 pupils, 2 representatives from every class, Primary 1- 7.

How Can You Become A Class Representative?

Anyone can be a student council representative. All you have to do is stand for election at the beginning of the school year. You can design a poster or deliver a presentation to convince your classmates that you are the best person for the job and deserve their vote!

When & Where Do We Meet?

Student Council meetings are held every month in the PDMU rooms – P1-3 with Ms Connor and P4-7 with Ms O’Carroll. It’s the responsibility of each representative to share the information discussed at these meetings with the rest of their class.

Why Do We Have A Student Council?

We have a Student Council to allow all of the pupils to have a say in what happens in our school. (Adults are not the only people who can make big decisions.) Working together we can think up new ways of making St. Anne’s a better place to learn and play.

The Eco Agency – ‘Mission Possible’

Who are we?  

We are a group of dedicated, enthusiastic and active volunteers. Comprised of two pupil elected representatives from each class and various members of staff, we work together to make our school, community, and the world a more environmentally friendly place to learn, play, work and visit.


What do we do?  

We whole heartedly believe that small actions by lots of people can make a big difference to the world that we all share.

We are responsible for:

  • Raising awareness in our school and local community, working collaboratively with a variety of organisations and businesses
  • Educating and empowering others to make positive decisions and become change makers for an environmentally sustainable world
  • Auditing current practices, setting targets, compiling and reviewing action plans

We are privileged to ‘lead the scene to keep our school and planet green’. So why not join us?