School Meals

£2.50 each day | £12.50 for 5 days

P1 to P7
£2.60 each day | £13.00 for 5 days

Please Note – Application forms for free school meals are available from the school office.

If you require any additional information on allergens or special diets please contact the school in the first instance.

Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4
9th January 16th January 23rd January 30th January
6th February 20th February 27th February
6th March 13th March 20th March 27th March
3rd April 17th April 1st May 8th May

Bus Routes & Fares

Bus Procedures

If the school bus doesn’t arrive the following procedure will be adhered to: 

  • The teacher on bus duty will contact the main office.
  • The secretary will telephone the bus depot to report the issue and communicate relevant information to the staff on bus duty.
  • A member of the SLT will be there to help supervise the children until the arrival of the bus.
  • If it is anticipated that there will be a significant delay to the arrival of the bus parents will be notified by text.
  • Parents/carers can make contact with the office, if they wish, to make alternative arrangements for their child.
  • If a child is normally met by an adult at their stop and there is no adult present, the child will be brought back to the main office. The secretary will contact the parents/carers to arrange their collection.

On the rare occasion, if a child, for whatever reason, misses the bus; 

  • The pupil will be accompanied to the main office and the secretary will contact the parents/carers to arrange their collection.

School Uniform

• Red Polo “T” Shirt (School Crest)
• Red School Sweatshirt (School Crest)
• Grey Trousers
• Plain black school shoes (not trainers)


Units 22 and 26, Westwood Centre
Tel: 028 9061 1966

O’Neill’s Sportswear
The Kennedy Centre
Tel: 028 9062 7032