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The arrival of our annual pop-up bookshops created a tremendous buzz in our libraries. With over 200 books to choose from, pupils just couldn’t wait to get their hands on the latest reads from a variety of award winning authors.  Titles such as ‘Tom Gates: Biscuit Bands and Very Big Plans’ by Liz Pichon, ‘Dog Man, Lord of the Fleas’ by Dav Pilkey and ‘Dork Diaries Birthday Drama’ by Rachel Renee Russell flew off the shelves.

There was something for every child, no matter what their age, ability or interest. Our Book Fair is just one of the ways we aim to cultivate a love of reading, inspiring our pupils to read and to become writers themselves. Reading opens their minds to endless opportunities…..books aren’t just made of words, they are filled with places to visit and people to meet.

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