A Field Trip of Titanic Proportions!

To enrich the learning connected to the P6 W.A.U. topic ‘Titanic’, the Primary 6 pupils set off to Titanic Belfast. Pupils were given the opportunity to walk down the slipway where the Titanic and her sister ship, the Olympic, were constructed and first launched into the water.  They visited the Memorial Garden where four grass lawns alternate with timber decking to illustrate the proportion of Titanic’s victims and survivors from each of the passenger classes and crew.

Inside the building, Rob gave the pupils a guided tour: a chance to further discuss and explore life in Belfast during the 1900s, learn more about The Titanic; inquiries into the disaster, the myths and reality, and to view artefacts and models. For some pupils, the highlight of the Titanic Belfast experience was the ‘Shipyard Ride’: an electronic dark ride about what it was like to be a Harland & Wolff shipbuilder. Rob was very impressed with what our pupils already knew and commented that some of them could easily do his job!

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