Upstanding and Outstanding

Building on our school’s strong anti-bullying ethos, St Anne’s Primary 5 and Primary 6 School Councillors headed off to Bangor to be trained as Anti-Bullying Ambassadors. Alongside students from other schools, they explored the issue of bullying; how it happens and how we define it.

As Anti-Bullying Ambassadors they want to make sure everyone feels safe in St Anne’s.  Their mission is to spread awareness of the different types of bullying, to share practical ideas and top tips on how to prevent bullying happening and to make sure their peers know who they can turn to for support if they, or someone they know, is being bullied. The group were asked to elect an Anti-Bullying Ambassador Leader to be responsible for co-ordinating the work of the team on the ground back in St Anne’s. After discussing the qualities and skills needed to carry out this role effectively, the school councillors elected Jessica Johnston(P6) and Orla Gannon(P5). Stay tuned to see what they plan to do next.

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