Stop, Look and Listen

Our school was represented in the Belfast heat of the N.I. Primary School Road Safety Quiz by a team of Primary Seven pupils. This annual quiz is supported by the Emergency Services and local councils, and was held at the NI Fire and Rescue Training Centre. Pupils were tested on general knowledge, the highway code and road safety messages, with our team finishing in a respectable third place. Why not test your own knowledge using some of the questions asked at this year’s Belfast heat?


  1. At which type of pedestrian crossing would you find a beacon?
  2. Only one road sign is octagonal, what does it tell road users to do?
  3. In the traffic light sequence, which light comes after a solitary amber light?
  4. What type of fruit is dried to make a prune?
  5. Which one of Santa’s reindeer means “lightning” in German?
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