St. Anne’s has got talent!

Primary 1 and Primary 2 pupils wowed their audiences with a delightful selection of songs and poems. Mrs Kennedy’s class moved and sang like robots using a range of body sounds, actions and instruments.  Whilst Mrs Mc Gleenan’s class entertained their peers with the ‘Story of Ten’, combining both their musical talents and mathematical knowledge. The poems ‘Kindness’, ‘I am a snowman’ and ‘My Doctor helps me’ were recited perfectly by the pupils from Miss Daly’s, Mrs Walsh’s and Miss Collins’ classes.

Mrs Donnelly’s class beautifully sang, ‘The Raindrop Song’ adding realistic sound effects using rainmakers and shakers that had the teachers reaching for their umbrellas! Mrs Heagney’s class had great fun performing ‘Claps Hands, Follow Me’ using their voices and percussion instruments. It was music to our ears. The boys and girls from Mrs Cavanagh brought the house down with an animated performance about baking a cake using cornflakes, tomato sauce, milk, jam and baked beans. Not one to be tried at home though. There is no end to the talents of the pupils in Primary 1 and 2!

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