Primary 7s are getting to know themselves inside and out!

Our Primary Seven Pupils had the pleasure of taking part in a programme entitled ‘Inside Out’, provided by the Love for Life organisation.

The aims of this youth programme are to promote positive self-image, foster healthy relationships and the importance of making informed lifestyle choices. The various workshops focused on personal safety, decision making and being assertive, alcohol and drug misuse, relationships and puberty. The children enthusiastically and actively participated in the quizzes, games and discussion sessions delivered by the very charismatic Heather, Phil and Chris.

Mia said, ‘It was very factual. I had great fun learning all about myself. I definitely learnt something new.’ Aine remarked, ‘The workshops were all very helpful. I’m not scared of all the things that will happen to me as I get older. Sophie commented, ‘I learnt that it is okay to be different. Everyone is amazing and very special.’ Harry said ‘I really enjoyed learning about the development of a human being. Calum commented, The workshops helped us learn and get ready for the future.’ 

  • Pupils were extremely fascinated by some of the human body trivia…….
  • Alice discovered that the width measured when her arms were outstretched was approximately the same as her height!
  • Axel found out that there are approximately 3,000 taste buds on his tongue!
  • Joseph discovered that it is impossible to lick his own elbow!
  • Ethan learnt that his thumb is the same length as his nose!
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