Poetry in Motion

Our ninth annual Poetry Parade was a feast not only for the ears but for the eyes, as it coincided with our celebration of World Book Day! Class champions took to the stage to recite poems written by poets such as Jack Prelutsky, Denise Rogers and Ken Nesbitt, whilst others performed their very own compositions.

Group Choral Recitations from P2s and individual performances of poems such as ‘My Neighbour’s Dog is Purple’, ‘What do you do?’, ‘On Top of Spaghetti’ and ‘I have a little Sister’ had the audience wanting more and our panel of judges struggling to make decisions.

During the intervals, our Primary Seven pupils showcased their talents. The acts included some lively performances: Jokes with Gymnastics and a martial arts routine to ‘Kung Fu Fighting’. The infamous cup song was performed with an Irish twist. Hits such as ‘Wake me Up’, ‘This is Me’, ‘Castle on the Hill’ and ‘Viva La Vida’ had a captive crowd on their feet. The countdown has already commenced for next year’s Parade of Poetry!

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