Music in the Making

Mrs Scullin’s P4 class headed off for a morning of music at the City of Belfast School of Music. Joined by number of other primary schools they performed a series of songs with musical accompaniments. These included ‘Singing Altogether’, ‘Stone Soup’: a song about a very crafty tramp, ‘Epoi Tai Tai Ay’: an action song, a nonsensical rap called ‘Poppycock Pie’ and their favourite, ‘Last Minute Calypso’.

Mrs Scullin’s pupils also had to compose their own piece of music based on a weather forecast. Their composition took the idea of a drone flying over parts of Ireland photographing the weather. Using a combination of tuned and untuned instruments, body percussion as well as their voices, pupils recreated the wet and stormy weather in Belfast, the sunny weather in Waterford, the windy weather at the Cliffs of Moher and the chilly weather experienced at the peaks of Macgillycuddy’s Reeks.

Their performance was delightful, showing that hard work really does pay off. Pupils then had the opportunity to perform again for their families on their return to school. The verdict was unanimous, if the daily weather forecast was presented by our St. Anne’s ‘Weather Watchers’ it would be much more entertaining!

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To ‘sum’ things up!

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