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We are excited to announce that we have been chosen to be part of the Sustrans Active Travel Programme. We are teaming up with the country’s leading sustainable transport charity, Sustrans, to encourage more journeys to school by foot or ‘wheels’. Active travel, such as cycling, walking and scooting to and from school, has a range of benefits: improving health, promoting independence, improving safety awareness, benefitting the environment, not to mention reducing the amount of traffic around our school site. We are really looking forward to seeing more children and parents/carers ‘actively’ travelling to school this year!

We will be working closely with Beverley Gaston, our Sustrans Active Travel Officer, who will help us promote active travel throughout the year by:

  • Organising activities and events to encourage pupils to cycle, scoot and walk to school
  • Offering cycling training to help pupils ride more safely and confidently
  • Working to get better facilities including bike and scooter parking
  • Working with parents and carers to support this initiative

Beverley introduced herself and her fold up bicycle ‘George’ to P4-7 pupils when she conducted awareness raising assemblies and carried out a travel audit with year groups 5-7. She also promoted the initiative ‘Beat the Street’ which runs from 13th September until 1st November 2017.  Every child has been issued with a fob and a ‘Beat the Street’ card for parents and staff. So let’s get out there and pound those pavements!

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