Changes of State

Exploring how different materials transform when heated or cooled was the task undertaken by our P2s as part of their WAU Topic ‘Hot and Cold’. Investigations began with some cold chocolate being placed on their tongues. Pupils felt the chocolate change from solid to liquid, becoming aware that their body temperatures are warm and can melt it very quickly. They also melted some chocolate in a bowl and used it to dip marshmallows in. Pupils realised that when the chocolate cooled, it became solid again and that this change was reversible. 

The P2 scientists learnt that some changes are irreversible. Using flour, sugar, milk and eggs they made pancakes by heating the materials. Despite all their focused efforts, they couldn’t change the pancakes back into the initial ingredients! There was nothing else for it but to add some toppings and destroy the evidence! Learning is delicious!

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